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The Avenue Agency was established in 2001 and has long-standing relationships with southeastern casting directors developed over two decades of working side-by-side on major movies, tv episodics/series, and ad campaigns. The Avenue has offices in Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN.   

The Avenue Agency represents actors &. models with a focus on productions in GA, TN, LA, KY, NC, SC, VA, AL, and MS. Our actors book campaigns both nationally and internationally. The agency's mission statement is to provide clients with qualified talent at a rate that will match their specific market, budget, and need.

The Avenue Model & Talent Agency represents men, women, and children, booking for high fashion, movies, print, promotion, TV episodes/series, commercial and voice over. Talent range in age from 4 years to 85 years. The Avenue is consistently bringing on fresh faces to keep the pool of talent available varied and exciting. We look forward to working with you for years to come and pride ourselves in the long term relationships we keep for both clients and talent alike!


Directing Agent

Hands on Experience: 25 years

Fave Drink/Spot: Margaritas & the Beach

Fave Movie: Tombstone

Fave TV Series: Arrested Development

Fave genre: Fantasy

Fave food: I have to choose just one?!?

Fave animal: Dogs & Chipmunks

Fave video game: Miss Pacman (old school)

Fave vacation: Scotland & Maine



Favorite drink: Washington Apple / Iced Coffee

Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Favorite TV series: The Office

Favorite genre: Comedy

Favorite food: BBQ Ribs

Favorite animal: MY dog

Favorite vacation: New York!

Jomilla Newsom_edited.jpg

Talent Development 

Favorite drink: Water/Champagne

Favorite movie: Bring It On

Favorite TV series: The Office (American)

Favorite genre: Comedy

Favorite food: Pasta, Tacos and Pizza

Favorite animal: Cats and Koalas

Favorite video gameMortal Kombat

Favorite vacation: Anywhere near a beach

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